Watch the webinar on Advice for Crew on Russian-linked Vessels, held on Monday 21 March.

- Rod Hatch, Captain & PYA Director of Training
- Christophe Bourillon, PYA CEO
- Stacey Soutar, PYA Marketing & Communications


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Yachting Industry Meetup 11/04/2022 Yachting Industry Meetup

Thursday 14th April 2022 join us at our upcoming 'Yachting Industry Meetup' in Antibes, where we will be bringing together local industry organisations and onboard crew in leadership positions, including Captains, Chief Engineers, Officers, Chief Stewards(esses), Chefs and more.

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The Flag State and the Seafarer 20/06/2022 The Flag State and the Seafarer

For those of you that have been in yachting for a while, you’ll know all about the flag states. But for those that need an introduction, this is essentially the ‘nationality’ of the yacht. For example, if it is registered in the Isle of Man, the yacht will be governed by the laws of the Isle of Man, so as you can imagine, it’s a relatively important decision for the owner to make, not to mention the fiscal implications of the country that they choose.

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Anchoring in the French Med - New regulation (16/06/22) 20/06/2022 Anchoring in the French Med - New regulation (16/06/22)

Antibes, 20th June 2022 - Last Thursday, the Prefecture Maritime issued a new regulation regulating the mooring time for ships in French Med territorial waters (link to the regulation in the article).

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MCA allows Dyslexic Seafarers extra Exam Time 16/06/2022 MCA allows Dyslexic Seafarers extra Exam Time

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has issued a new Marine Information Notice (MIN 676) that allows examination candidates with dyslexia to have extra time in exams.

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UPDATE - EU Stamping In and Out 31/05/2022 UPDATE - EU Stamping In and Out

Italian Parliament approves new ruling to ease entry of non-EU seafarers.  Yacht crew who arrive in Italy now have the opportunity to obtain a long-term entry visa for reasons of work.

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Installation of mooring buoys approved in Cannes, Golfe-Juan and Eze/Beaulieu 17/05/2022 Installation of mooring buoys approved in Cannes, Golfe-Juan and Eze/Beaulieu

You may remember that, together with our friends from ECPY and GEPY, the PYA has been working with the French Minister and lobbying the French administration, to seek alternative solutions to the Posidonia anchorage ban.

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What people say

  • Good service, professional, friendly. Bravo!

    Max O'Shea

  • "Thank you so much for the advice today - it has settled my concerns. I am thrilled with the service at the PYA!"

    Travis Cross

  • Every 5 years it's a frantic scramble to sort out the paperwork for CoC revalidation. My recent fiasco was made so much easier with the calm, professional help I received from the PYA. They sympathetically guided me through the MCA red tape, which helped tremendously. The verification process was handled smartly & my documentation was checked carefully & competently. The potential fiasco was averted & the revalidation was a breeze

    James Clephane

  • "It's such a happy bunch running the PYA - they're friendly and welcoming!"

    Graham Tindall

  • Throughout my yachting career, I have found the services of the PYA to be a fantastic "go to" resource. The support I received whilst achieving different grades of qualification was second to none

    Robbie Murtagh

  • "The PYA is indispensable in its representation of Superyacht crew, using feedback directly from the crew to initiate major changes in the industry. Having worked with various regulatory bodies the PYA has not only offered a career pathway for crew but raised awareness of the career as one to be recognised in the professional realm. The Crew Report continues to support the PYA in its proactive and professional approach."

    Lulu Trask

  • "As a 30 year yacht veteran, I have relied mostly on the idea of 'it's a who you know' industry, but as the constantly changing certification & litigation requirements become more complex, there is no doubt that the excellent service & support the PYA offers to every level of crew member makes membership an absolute must have! When my crew need support & correct advice, I always refer them to the PYA."

    David White

  • I have had only ever had positive experiences with the PYA - always helpful!

    Jonathan Whitwell

  • "Thank you very much for being here, so we do not feel alone in our problems."


  • The most important factor in my moving up the ranks has been accurately recording my sea time and courses, and being aware of changes to requirements. The PYA has been a great help to me over the years, helping me gather and compile my sea service testimonials and offering advice on crew issues/ seafarer legalities. With me from junior deckhand right through to Master 3000 - PYA thanks for your help and making my life a lot easier!

    Rick Dubois

  • PYA to the rescue!! I reached out for some assistance and PYA were there for me...that's what it's all about!!! Good job team.

    James Clephane

  • "I would just like to say thank you for all the help the PYA is doing for not just for us crew but for the industry too."

    Stefhan Le Roux

  • "Thank you for [your advice] - that was extensive and very helpful. I am a paying member of the PYA - mostly because of how fantastically useful you are!"

    Thomas Blencowe

  • "I will continue to tell my friends about the PYA. You have been a fabulous support, and I would highly recommend anyone joining the yachting industry to sign up."

    Sarah Leppard

  • "Thank you for your solid advice and support, it has meant a lot to the crew and to myself. Thank you from all on M/Y xxxx, you gave us timely support where we were getting none."

    Tadg Clarke

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I passed my Master 3000gt oral on Monday. Thank you very much for all your help over the years in getting to this stage. It is very much appreciated and I have been singing your praises over the years in order to encourage more seafarers to join the PYA, if nothing else, just for the assistance you provide!"

    Robbie Murtagh

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