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What is Sea Service verification?

When progressing your yachting career – whether it be obtaining a Notice of Eligibility (NoE), revalidating a Certificate of Competency (CoC) or moving to a more senior position on board, you need to be able to show an accurate and VERIFIED record of your time at sea. Having testimonials verified by PYA will avoid significant delays in issuing an MCA Notice of Eligibility (NoE).


The PYA is authorised by the MCA and by Transport Malta, to verify yacht sea service and has been doing it for the MCA since 1994 - no other organisation has this track record.

Get your Sea Service verified

To get your sea service verified, become a Full member of the PYA.

You will get our Digital Service Record Book (D-SRB), and we will process as many yacht sea service testimonials and certificates as you wish. To know more about the benefits, click here.


Setting up your member's area

After registering, you need to upload the following documents to your member’s area:

  • a passport-size photo* - head shots only (.jpg format)

  • a certified copy of your passport* or identity card* (.pdf format)

  • certified copies of your certificates (optional)


How does it work?

When you upload new documents to your profile, your file goes into the queue for verification.When your file is processed by the Sea Service team, your paperwork is checked for any inconsistencies, missing info, or errors (read our guidelines to avoid these issues). If your testimonials are duly filled and signed, the verification emails are sent to the signatory.


N.B.: If the testimonials submitted are illegible, email addresses and names of signatories are missing, signatures are missing, dates are missing, dates overlap, etc., then we must contact you while your file goes into pending until all queries are resolved. Read our guidelines to avoid these issues.


After we've received replies for all the testimonials (unless you tell us to proceed without some), they are submitted to an SRB Officer for final review and approval. Sometimes the information is rejected by the SRB Officer as new queries come up.

N.B.: We are unable to keep track of unverified testimonials. Signatories generally reply within a few days, if more days pass, please check with the signatories and with us. Testimonials for which we have received replies will have a green 'tick' next to them.Once everything has been approved by the SRB officer, your testimonials will appear as VERIFIED on your online profile and your D-SRB will be generated. You will receive a notification email that your D-SRB is ready for download. For non-members: you won’t receive a D-SRB but digitally signed testimonials which need to be downloaded and emailed to the MCA as you would with the D-SRB. You will receive a notification email when your testimonials are ready for download.

The verification process can take up to 25 working days depending on the quality of your documents, the response of the signatories, and our workload.

Free with Full Membership

€50 (minimum 2)

For non-members

Sea Service Verification

The PYA is authorised by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and by Transport Malta to verify yacht sea service testimonials for all yacht crew worldwide.

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