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YARE 2024: Captains Brainstorm Solutions for Finding the Right People

3 April 2024

The recent Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience (YARE) event in Italy brought captains, yacht managers and other stakeholders, together for a lively discussion on a critical topic: The Human Capital – Finding the Right People.

The session, hosted by CEO Christophe Bourillon and Operations Manager Kim Llorente from the Professional Yachting Association (PYA), tackled challenges faced by captains who are increasingly responsible for managing complex crew needs, but may not have all the necessary resources.

The 90-minute session proved to be an excellent discussion that brought up not only issues that seem to be more and more recurring among captains, but also some innovative ideas and solutions.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Standardization is Needed: Captains are calling for a more standardized approach to everything from crew recruitment and training to crew and yacht management. This would help streamline processes and ensure a higher level of professionalism across the industry.

  • Captains Need More Support: The role of captains has grown significantly, and they often lack the proper training and tools to manage crew effectively. The industry needs to invest in education (for both crew and owners), workshops and training on self-development and mental health, and clearer communication to manage expectations.

The PYA will build on the YARE discussions and initiate some of these ideas starting from the participants in the room and sharing the projects with anyone in the industry who wishes to be involved and be part of the change.

If you want to join these discussions, please email us at 

If you want to bring substantial contribution, please consider becoming a member or partner of the PYA here

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