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Employment contracts

Learn about contracts for seafarers and use our template

Ship Cooks Certificate

You are a Chef? Learn everything you need to know about the MCA's Ships' Cook Certificate

French Anchorage Regulations

France has introduced anchorage regulations (enforced in March 2021) which prevent yachts over 24m (78ft) from anchoring within areas containing protected Posidonia seagrass beds. Last update: 12/06/2024

Seaman Discharge Book (SDB) and others

What is a Seaman Discharge Book (SDB), how to obtain one and what makes it different

Verification Forms & Guidelines

Learn everything you need to know about these essential forms for Deck, Engineering, Interior.

(sea service testimonial, sea service record, seatime, logs, log forms, logbook, watchkeeping, miles)

Knowledge Base

Explore the world of yachting and its regulations

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