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All MYBA Members possess a proven track record of professional excellence and they are involved at many levels and in most of the disciplines of the superyacht industry. MYBA is the Association that brings them together, encourages them to work in harmony to ensure that the industry continues to flourish and guides them on the highest ethical and technical standards. MYBA Membership means becoming an active advocate for the superyacht industry: acquiring a seat at the collective table, adding your perspective and having your voice heard.

MYBA is the creator of the industry’s most respected and widely used contract documents, the MYBA Sales & Purchase Agreement (MoA) and the MYBA Charter Agreement, which together with their associated documents are regularly updated as regulations and the global market change.

MYBA is the owner and administrator of YACHTFOLIO, the online tool that changed the way luxury yacht charter professionals do business, and it organises the very successful MYBA Charter Show, one of the most important events of the yachting calendar. MYBA also organises a series of annual seminars for aspiring or new brokers as well as established superyacht professionals who are looking to refresh and build on their knowledge and experience.


MYBA: An Association with a vision, a mission and a long-term strategy.

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MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association is an international professional organisation, founded in 1984, with both Corporate and Individual Members. The Association’s mission is to inspire, support and empower people in the superyacht industry to be their best: by maintaining business at the highest level of ethical conduct, committing to equality and diversity, protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and combining strengths, building strong relationships, and continuously developing, both professionally and personally.

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