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Turnaround time varies with our workload and the quality of the testimonials submitted. Generally, it takes less than 2 weeks but the process can take up to 25 working days if there are issues with your documents.

It is advisable that you do not leave the completion and verification of your testimonials to the last minute, but rather ask the responsible person to sign them before you leave the yacht and verify them asap.


Short checklist to avoid delays:

  • The testimonial form should contain all necessary information, i.e. details of the yacht, legible signatory's email address, breakdown of service time (days at sea, standby, shipyard, and watchkeeping, where applicable)

  • The testimonial form should have both start and end dates filled in and should not have dates overlapping with other testimonials

  • The MCA definitions of sea service must be followed

  • The testimonial cannot be self-signed

  • Masters need to have their testimonials signed by the management company or owners


To learn everything you need to know on Sea Service

·         DECK - TIPS on testimonials

·         ENGINEERS - Tips on testimonials Updated with latest MCA MSN 1904 requirements!



Deck Testimonial for Masters or Deck Officers

Engineering Testimonial for Small Vessel Route Engineers Updated!

Dual role Testimonial for crew signed on as Deck/Engineer role

Chef/Cook, Interior crew, and Dual Role Testimonial



Last Update: 10/05/2023

Verification Forms & Guidelines

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