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The PYA was founded in 1991 by a small group of yacht captains and has grown since then into a world leading association, which has earned significant influence with government bodies which regulate our industry and set the qualifications required to carry out our professional roles.

The PYA works tirelessly to represent the views of yacht crew and the yachting industry at the administrative level but also further afield in areas from careers to mental wellbeing. The PYA employs a dedicated support team in its Antibes office who assist members daily, with advice and information concerning their qualifications, careers, training and numerous employment issues. Its SRB team undertake sea-time verification procedures demanded by the MCA. Council members and elected officers operate the many active workgroups on a voluntary basis.

If you work in the yachting industry, whether as crew or as a shore-based professional, you can do your bit to ensure that the good work of the PYA is able to continue into the future.

Sponsor a PYA Event

The PYA runs a programme of events around the world for yacht crew. Educational events such as our Sea Changes Forum and our Continuing Professional Development Events are extremely important for promoting ongoing professionalism in our industry, and our social events are always extremely popular, but neither would be possible without the support of our sponsors. In exchange we are in a unique position to be able to offer excellent promotional value to your company. To enquire about sponsorship, please contact us.

Become a PYA partner

The PYA do not just act on behalf of yacht crew. We represent the whole industry, from brokers to crew agents, to training providers and beyond. Help us continue to do so by becoming a partner of the PYA. Read more here.

Promote the PYA Patronage scheme

Ensuring the professionalism of the yachting industry is as much the responsibility of yacht owners as it is the rest of us. The PYA Patronage scheme encourages owners to put something back into the industry by supporting the ongoing work of the association. If you think that your owner would be interested in supporting crew in this way, you can download the patronage scheme details.

PYA Patronage proposal downloading version new
Download PDF • 1.16MB

Join a PYA Workgroup

If you want to get involved with representing yacht crew, we want to hear from you. We're always open to new ideas, opinions and energy. You could take part in our lobbying efforts, work towards solutions for ongoing issues in the industry, provide advice and be part of shaping the future of the yachting industry. Contact to connect.

Tell us your opinion

The PYA is here to be your voice. So if you want to to be heard, please tell us! The good stuff, the bad stuff and the ugly stuff - we can't take it forward for you if we don't know about it. We run surveys from time to time so please help by giving us your thoughts. We also host open discussions on topics such as training requirements, safety and security, career development and more, so don't be shy- come and share your views!

Mentor the next generation

With more and more people entering the yachting industry, those in the know have a responsibility to pass on their expertise and experience to the next generation. The PYA encourages on-board mentoring and will support those interested in developing this in their own teams. Take time to help those completing their training record books and help them develop their skillset. Instil the importance of them taking the time for their own Continuing Professional Development. Encourage junior crew members to get into good habits with recording their sea service as soon as they enter the industry - they will thank you for it later!

Crew in their first season are unlikely to need their sea service verified for presentation to the MCA, however they can still join the PYA as a Basic member, to learn more about their career and the industry, receive advice from us and contact us should they need help.

How you can help

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