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What does the PYA do for yacht crew?


The PYA is a non-profit, trade association which was founded in 1991. It is not a union. Its primary mission is to represent the interests of professional yacht crew from around the world. With members from over 90 countries, the PYA is THE representative body for professional yacht crew.


With 30 years of experience, the PYA advocates for professional yacht crew in addressing industry issues and shaping the future of yachting. Learn about our representation efforts and how we secure your career in the sector.

Historical Achievements

For 30 years, PYA has been supporting the rights of professional yacht crew. We have made significant achievements in addressing industry issues and shaping the future of yachting. Learn more about our successes and how they benefit the industry and crew on our website.

Event sponsorship

Maximize your brand exposure in the yachting industry with PYA event sponsorship. With members from 90+ countries and connections to top management, charter, training and recruitment companies, PYA offers unique opportunities to showcase your company to a global audience.

How you can help

Get involved with PYA and help shape the future of the yachting industry. As a leading association for yacht crews around the world, our relationships with authorities enable us to support regulations with your feedback while we advocate for yacht crew wellbeing. As a member or partner, you can support our mission to assist crew with qualifications, careers, and more.

About us

Learn more about the PYA and how you can help

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