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The MAS provides members with access to a range of resources and services, including advice, guidance, and support from experienced Yacht Captains. The MAS aims to help members navigate difficult situations and find practical solutions to the challenges they face.

The MAS is designed to help PYA members maintain their careers on track. By providing support and resources to its members, the PYA demonstrates its commitment to promoting the highest standards in the yachting industry.

If you require information or are experiencing disputes with subjects such as contracts of employment (Seafarers Employment Agreements - SEA's), unlawful stoppage of wages/salary, poor accommodation, unpaid medical bills, etc., get in touch with the MAS team.


Due to the generous unpaid time offered by a small group of our senior Directors, Councillors, and members, the MAS team can answer your queries and help you with your case. They reply within 24h and take all cases. The advice and information provided are always impartial and confidential.


Included in all paid memberships

Member Assistance Service

The MAS is a confidential support service that offers practical support to PYA members facing difficulties or challenges in their professional lives, including all work-related issues.

Discover our plans to get access to all the services we provide.

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