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Tips for preparing your testimonials

24 September 2020

Before you can get your sea time entered into your PYA Digital Service Record Book, you’ll need to submit your testimonials to our team for verification. To streamline this process and improve the efficiency of the verification of your testimonials, we have put together a list of useful tips to follow.

Tips to follow

  • File: Multiple pages of the same testimonial should be in 1 PDF file.

  • Formatting: Be sure to format all testimonials correctly so that the information is clear and readable. 

  • Template: Use PYA templates where possible.

  • Email address: Make sure there is a valid email address for the signatory or else we won’t be able to contact him/her.

  • Signature: Unsigned testimonials or testimonials that are self-signed will be declined (this includes Captains who self-sign).

  • Dates: Fill in BOTH dates, even if you are still on board.

  • Definitions of sea time: Take time to check your testimonial is correct against MCA definitions before you submit it.

  • Rotation: If you work on rotation, we advise creating one testimonial for the whole period you worked on the vessel and specify how often you were on/off rotation. You can highlight the dates you were signed off in the “Leave of Absence” field of our testimonials.

Additional Information


You can get a testimonial anytime, you don't need to wait for your employment to end.


We advise getting your sea time verified as soon as you can, in case you lose touch with the signatories and/or their contact details change.


Sea time which has been used to get a new CoC or revalidation cannot be used again (you will need to start a new testimonial from the date of issuance of your latest COC or revalidation).


All new testimonials must start on a subsequent date from the date of your previous one.


How to submit your testimonials

Upload your testimonials to your profile on the PYA website.


If you're unsure about the MCA definitions of sea time, read our guidelines here.

Last updated: 22/02/2023

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