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PYA attends Engineering Sub Group Meeting in Southampton with the MCA

29 February 2024

The PYA recently took part in this year’s first Engineering Sub Group meeting at the Warsash Maritime Academy in Southampton, UK to discuss recent developments.

The meeting served as a platform for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), PYA, and IAMI training providers to exchange information, address current issues, and raise concerns.

“We received important feedback from the industry which was discussed during our latest meeting with all parties. The PYA is in regular contact with yacht crew to understand issues affecting certification and training and we want to thank our members for their valuable contributions,” said Kim Llorente, Operations Manager for the PYA.

Below are a number of key areas discussed in the latest meeting and the updates we received:

Oral Exam Booking System: The MCA acknowledged the challenges faced with booking oral exam dates. They are exploring alternative software solutions which will also prevent unauthorized individuals from booking exams on behalf of others.

E-TR(B) Pilot: A pilot program for the E-TR(B) will soon involve 50 cadets. This mobile app will allow for completing tasks with the additional ability to include photos, videos, and other phone-generated information. Video guides will also be available, making the overall TR completion experience smoother. After the pilot, the app will be rolled out to all cadets and eventually to SV Engineers.

Watchkeeping Service for CoC: The MCA may consider including watchkeeping service, beyond traditional seagoing service, towards the Certificate of Competency (CoC) requirements. However, comprehensive documentation of onboard activities is crucial in such cases. It is recommended to consistently follow this practice to avoid any complications with sea service verification.

AEPC1 Course Update: The working group on the Approved Electric Propulsion Course (AEPC1) has held several meetings, with another one scheduled for early March. While the MCA confirmed that this course will not be mandatory for obtaining a CoC, it might become a requirement for working on vessels utilizing future fuels.

SV Alternative Route and Exemptions: The MCA reiterated that IAMI holds the delegated authority to assess exemption requests for MCA exams. The MCA regularly audits IAMI to ensure that this process is conducted with strict adherence to established criteria, ensuring exemption is granted only to individuals with demonstrably relevant knowledge.

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