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PYA to attend Improving Yacht Crew Retention Conference in Nice, France

30 January 2024

The PYA will be attending the 2024 Improving Yacht Crew Retention Conference in Nice, France on March 7th.

This year's 3rd annual conference will bring together a panel of experts from the industry to discuss crew welfare and retention issues. The speakers will also share their insights on a wide range of topics related to the industry's current recruitment landscape.

Among some of the guest speakers include representatives from IAMI, UKSA, Hill Robinson, Wilson Halligan, PG Legal, Northrop & Johnson SYM, Bluewater, the WMU and Impact Crew to name but a few.

PYA’s CEO, Christophe Bourillon, will also attend a panel discussing the importance of recruitment in the industry and retaining skilled seafarers:

“This year’s conference will provide us with additional opportunities to build on the progress made in the past year on crew retention. These discussions will be an important step forward in addressing some of the imminent challenges. We will also be sharing our insights following recent consultations with recruitment agencies and employers.”

We are offering 2 free delegate passes for people interested in coming to the event plus a 15% discount to all PYA members who would like to take part in the conference.

You can register your attendance by visiting the Improving Yacht Crew Retention Registration page and typing in "PYA" into the promo box to add your discount.

The full schedule for the event will be made available soon.

We look forward to seeing you in March!

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