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The MCA releases new advice on conversions of Engineer Yacht COCs

8 August 2023

The MCA have updated their advice regarding conversions from foreign Engineering licenses to MCA SV CoCs.

Among some of the criteria include the successful completion of MCA approved modules including technical safety course certificates and the MCA oral examination required for the specific conversion being requested.

The MCA’s latest guidance covers conversions for 8 different scenarios with steps to take to begin the request. In order to make a successful conversion, you must hold a CoC from a country that the UK accepts towards the issuance of a UK FSE/CEC. You are however not required to obtain a FSE or CEC to apply for a conversion in the first instance.

To learn more about the new guidance on conversions see the latest publication from the MCA.

To review the list of countries that the UK accepts towards issuing a UK FSE, please visit this resource for further information.

The PYA is authorised by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency to issue Yacht Rating Certificates which are needed by some vessels to comply with their safe manning requirements. If you are looking to get a Yacht Rating Certificate verified, explore our service, or as a full member you can access this for free.

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