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Increase in Tolls for the Panama Canal transit

20 July 2022

It is now official that the increase of Tolls for the Panama Canal transit starts on January 1st, 2023 and is divided into 3 parts (January 1st, 2023, January 1st, 2024 and January 1st, 2025).

Adjustments to small vessels tolls:

Modifications to small vessel tolls involve adjustments to the maximum limits of displacement tonnage established by tolls based on length overall.

  1. These tolls apply to all small vessels (length overall up to 125 feet).

  2. Vessels of length overall greater than 125 feet, of any market segment, with PC/UMS tonnage up to 999 as the maximum limit, will be applied the small vessels tolls in the length overall range greater than 100 feet, in addition to all related charges for other maritime services.

  3. The proposed modifications to small vessel tolls involve adjustments to the maximum limits of displacement tonnage established by tolls based on length overall (1,000 displacement tons). Vessels with a displacement tonnage greater than 1,000 will be assessed tolls based on the proposed displacement tolls.

Below is the table that shows the tolls increase for the 3 years for vessels/boats that pay Tolls based on their length and not tonnage:

Yachts that pay tolls based on PC/UMS tonnage fall in the segment of "Others".  There will be a substantial increase in Tolls to be paid for vessels/boats that pay based on their tonnages or PC/UMS tonnage as per the table.  The total tolls to be paid will be a combination of a Fixed Fee plus the PC/UMS of the vessel times $2.00 on 2023, $2.50 in 2024 and $3.00 in 2025. 

However, most yachts up to 180 ft and some close to 200 ft would still pay based on their length because of their PC/UMS tonnages.  Associated Yacht Services recommends sending them an email ( and they can make the calculations for you.  For more information, download the Adjustment to Tolls from the Panama Canal.

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