UPDATE - Installation of Mooring Buoys

Four buoys are now operational in Cannes and Antibes and available to book through the DONIA App.  The Donia Mooring boxes are designed to support 10 tons of forces (the tension exerted by a 70m yacht undergoing a 50km/h wind). The anchoring system is composed of a metallic frame fixed on the bottom. This new device avoids the immersion of concrete blocks and limits the impact on the bottom.

They are located: 
• Buoy N°1 - NW of Sainte-Marguerite island under the Royal Fort
• Buoy N°2 - SW of Sainte-Marguerite island in front of the “Pointe du Dragon.
• Buoys N°3 and N°4 are located in the Gulf of Juan

The installation of 11 mooring buoys is still planned for the near future. These buoys will be located mainly in the bay of Eze/Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Golfe-Juan.

These buoy systems can be booked directly on the Donia application. The booking procedure can be seen here.