Summary of the PYA Sea Changes Forum 2022

This year's PYA Sea Changes Forum took place on 29 September at the International Hydrographic Organisationat the Monaco Yacht Show.  It was a fantastic forum with a lot of information shared about Regulations and Qualifications from leading Maritime Policymakers.  Below you will find a short summary of the proceedings along with links to each speaker’s presentation video.

PYA Board Member Rod Hatch kicked off the forum discussing the new AV/IT certification currently under development, with input from Rod and from other PYA contributors.  PYA Video Presentation (5 min).

MrAjit Jacob, Chief Examiner of the MCA presented the UK Hydrographic Office’s (UKHO) plans for the phased exit of paper charts to be compliant for digital navigation by 2026, and the MCA’s shift toward digital and the modernisation of training, including immersive training tools.  The MCA is looking to overhaul its suite of student training and assessment criteria by end of 2023.  Updates included the status of the amended STCW regulations, electronic training record book, online oral exams and streamlining pathways in OOW less than 500gt.  MCA pdf - MCA Video Presentation (18 min).

Mr. Mauro Peresso, Technical Director at Transport Malta focused on the rules, regulations and flexibility of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code and the Passenger Yacht Code. He presented Crew Qualifications accepted on Malta Flagged Vessels and spoke about future trends such as green ships and the reality of the volume required for different types of fuel.  Transport Malta pdf  Transport Malta Video Presentation (20 min).

Ms. Amelie Delamarre-Chardin and Ms. Ornella Valls, Head & Deputy Head of Marine Environment, Mediterranean Maritime Prefecture spoke about current French regulations (anchoring, light & sound, and the protection of marine mammals) and their enforcement in French Waters.  Part of Ms. Valls presentation is cut off due to a technical glitch however Ms. Delamarre-Chardin revisits her points in the Q&A. French Maritime Video Presentation (15 min).

Captain Luca Triggiani, Founding Member and Director of Training of the Italian YachtMasters spoke of taking action and accountability for managing yachting professionals through advanced training (leadership, behavioral analysis, sustainability practices, etc), networking and coaching. Italian YachtMasters path to a sustainable future is through zero tolerance of easy certification, following environmental regulations and advanced crew training for both practical and professional development.  Italian YachtMasters pdf  Italian YachtMasters Video Presentation (18 min)

Mr. Richard Falk, RYA Director of Training and Qualifications spoke of the RYA’s efforts to improve digital offerings, focus more on practical learning, streamline yacht inspections, and broadly implement the Personal Watercraft (PWC) Safety Scheme.  He touched on the confusion following Brexit and cleared up some misinformation.  In addition, he asked to spread the word about the annual Trinity House RYA Yachtmaster Scholarship RYA pdf  RYA Video Presentation (18 min)

Emma Baggett, Director of OM and Chair of the IAMI GUEST Program, focused on crew retention, why crew leave, the impact on the industry and ways we can redress the balance through personal and professional development.  The GUEST Program (Guidelines for Excellence in Superyacht Training) is the recognised yacht qualification body for non-mandatory training & professional development and in addition to interior-based training, is now offering owner representative, new build and administration programs. GUEST pdf  GUEST video presentation (15 min).

Thank you to our valued sponsors for making the PYA Sea Changes 2022 possible:  Burgess, MYBA, Maritime MT and VSF