South African Crew – Beware of this False Papers Scam

The PYA has recently learned that a Cape Town-based crew agent has been providing job seekers, for a substantial fee, with a clutch of documents that purport to show the holder is employed as a crew member onboard a yacht called S/Y ‘Malcolm Miller' (which is actually a UK-based Sail Training vessel). Due to the COVID-19 travel regulations, this documentation is issued to allow the job seeker to enter the EU and look for a real yacht-based job. 

A member of the PYA's confidential Member Assistance Service (MAS) has said, "Crew who try to use these false papers are risking not just their hard-earned cash but also legal problems. We know of one South African seafarer who was detained on arrival in France and deported. And, on top of this, there is the possibility that this person could be black-listed in the EU's passport control system." 

If you would like to report a scam targeted at yacht crew, please send this directly to our MAS team at