Sexual harassment of seafarers

As part of its members' assistance service, the PYA has seen a marked increase in the number of incidents of sexual harassment reported by crew members. 

The PYA has therefore conducted an industry survey to give crew members a voice to bring forward their own experiences of sexual harassment in yachting.  Our results were reported at the Sea Changes Forum at the Monaco Yacht Show and produced some shocking statistics and personal testimony.  

A huge thank you to all the people who bravely reported information in our survey.

Whats next? The PYA in conjunction with other partners in this sector of the maritime industry are joining forces to continue to highlight this subject and to campaign on behalf of crew in establishing improvements in their working environment and in promoting better understanding of the issues raised.  If you want to get involved then let us know - possibly consider becoming a PYA Councillor and representing colleagues in future forum dealing with such issues?  Give us a call!