Monaco Leadership and Service Courses

With the end of the Mediterranean season officially upon us, now is the time to invest in your career development, including undertaking new training and certification. In addition to the mandatory skills and training required to work onboard, many crew who are looking to reach and maintain senior positions onboard will require leadership training which takes into account the specific demands of life onboard.

Luxury Hospitality Management has developed onshore, onboard and online courses to yacht crew in leadership, hospitality, beverage and service training. Their trainers develop, coach and mentor individuals and entire departments via their unique 360 approach, designed to unleash an individual's true talent and potential. 

Leadership Training

During this 4 day training, Luxury Hospitality help the 'beginner leader' to better understand the impact he/she can have on an individual and a team's performance, as well as the need to be flexible and adaptable.

The first day will be all about the individual; what are their strengths and challenges and what drives them. During the second day, they will explore how individuals communicate with their team and manage their time. Learn skills and behaviors leaders need during the third day. And, on the final day, they will go through how to develop a learning culture onboard.

This training is accredited by GUEST, upon completion you will receive a GUEST Unit 17 Leadership Foundations and LH certificate.

Location: Yacht Club de Monaco – La Belle Classe Academy
Duration: 4 days
Dates: 22-25 November 2021

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Service Specialist

Luxury Hospitality is also offering a Service Specialist course which is a very hands-on, practical training program to engage your service mindset and increase your confidence, finesse and expertise in different service style techniques. This course will truly help individuals to master the Art of Service.

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