MCA allows Dyslexic Seafarers extra Exam Time

The MCA is committed to supporting candidates with dyslexia and promoting inclusivity by making reasonable adjustments for candidates with dyslexia so that they are not disadvantaged.  Candidates with dyslexia are now offered a minimum of 15 minutes extra per hour. This can be extended even further on a case-by-case basis if recommended by experts following an assessment of the candidate.

To be eligible for the extra time, the candidate needs to present their Diagnostic Assessment Report to their college or training provider. This report needs to be from either an Educational Psychologist registered with the Health Care Practitioner Council (HCPC) or a specialist teacher with a current assessment practicing certificate.  If you think you have dyslexia but are unsure, there are tools on the British Dyslexia Association website to help you do a self-assessment, however, you will need to get a formal diagnosis before you can access extra exam time.

Visit MIN 676 for more information.