Join the MED GHOST FADS Flotilla

MED GHOST FADS was launched by the SAVE THE MED foundation to address the threat of ghost fishing to our marine environment. It consists of a network of navigators, vessels, rescue centres, port authorities, dive centres, research organizations and more, which is committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier sea. Whoever signs-up to the network immediately becomes part of a wider collaboration.

What are Ghost FADS?
Ghost gear is any lost, abandoned and otherwise discarded fishing gear and fish aggregating devices (FADs). It is estimated that over 800.000 tons of ghost gear enter the marine ecosystems, threatening vulnerable species and habitats. 
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Join the GHOST FADS Flotilla
The PYA has joined the GHOST FADS network and is encouraging all of our members working on vessels in the Mediterranean to join the flotilla. 

Vessels that sign-up to the  flotilla learn to:

1) safely retrieve ghost FADs & other illegal fishing gear which are also a navigation hazard

2) ensure entangled wildlife is properly taken care of and directed to the appropriate rescue center for treatment and further release
3) collect and submit essential data which is shared and studied to understand the issue at the source

There are many ways that the superyacht industry can assist in this endeavour and it all starts by visiting and learning more.

Yacht crew in conservation
Find out how Captain Ivan volunteered for Save The Med during the Summer of 2020.

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