The working environment of Seafaring is becoming more and more regulated. Therefore the PYA's services to crew and the work PYA does to champion the interests of yacht crew at national and international level have never been more pertinent. This not-for-profit association has become the prime platform for the exchange of information and experience. PYA offers its members a range of bespoke products and services and provides practical tools and up to date advice to today's professional yacht crew.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

1. Advice

PYA employs 3 full time staff; dedicated to helping its members. Their experience and their up to date knowledge of training and certification of deck, engineering and interior positions are an invaluable resource for junior and senior crew. PYA provides straightforward, practical advice and guidance to its members when they have to deal with training and certification requirements of the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

2. Representation

Since its inception in 1991, PYA has continuously consulted with policy makers who are tasked with writing legislation affecting the construction, operation and manning of large yachts, to ensure that the point of view of those that actually work on board is known and understood. The expansion of yachting in recent years means that many international conventions, written for the merchant marine, now impact on yachts and those that work on board them. It is vitally important that the voice of the people actually manning yachts is heard by policy makers. We fulfill this roll.

3. Service Record Book

Verified 'Yacht Sea Service' is the key to crew being able to progress their career. The answer is the PYA Service Record Book (SRB).
Through the PYA's ISO 9001 quality assurance procedure the PYA painstakingly verifies each entry of yacht sea service and enters it into the SRB. When applying for Notice of Eligibility (NOE) to the MCA this SRB can be submitted on its own without the original sea service testimonials. The SRB can be submitted in the same way for the renewal of a Certificate of Competence (CoC).

"The PYA's Service Record Book is the MCA's preferred route for verifying sea service"

Roger Towner, Registrar General Shipping and Seamen, Chief Examiner MCA.

"I find it helpful when a candidate presents their PYA SRB at the Oral Exam. It quickly allows me to build up a picture of their experience."

David Carlisle, MCA EXAMINER, Principal Marine Surveyor, Belfast.

4. Regional Offices

PYA must sight original documents (passports, certificates and sea service testimonials etc) to carry out a valid verification of sea time. This means that crew have to send the original documents to PYA Headquarters in France, which can be a daunting and expensive logistical challenge for crew in distant parts of the world. Hence, it has set up a number of agreements with existing companies, authorising them to sight original documents and to attest copies and send to PYA HQ.

5. Interior Crew Training and Certification - an Industry Standard

Aiming to ensure the highest possible standards of personal service are provided onboard yachts, through work experience combined with formal training. The ICTC standard raises the bar, levels the playing field and establishes a clear career path for interior crew.

Find out more about ICTC.

6. PYA Community Membership

PYA Community Membership is a limited but free membership available to all crew. Everyone can feel the value PYA affords professional crew: it gives a taste of the service PYA provides and is an easy way to keep up to date with the work PYA does on behalf of all who live and work onboard large yachts. One of the first services PYA offers to community members is a limited version of ProFiles. This is available to all yacht crew and costs nothing.

7. ProFiles

ProFiles offers all yacht crew a secure vault in the cloud to store all their maritime documents - for free. In line with PYAs focus to provide services that are of real value and use to todays professional crew, ProFiles is the place to keep a record of seafaring training and experience: Passport, CV, CoC, Course Completion Certificates, Sea Service Testimonials, References etc. can all be stored here. The system has a quick and easy way for crew to share their ProFile with others so allowing, for example, a potential employer to review credentials. Paid up Members enjoy an enhanced version that has additional useful features.

8. Course Accreditation

"Continuous Professional Development" is very important to all professional bodies. PYA has been approached by many training schools to provide a course accreditation scheme. This service has been developed under the PYA's ISO quality assurance procedures and is now offered to all training schools.

9. Assistance

Through no fault of their own crew can become victims and need help. Through our network of marine lawyers PYA has been successful in resolving many issues relating to unpaid wages. This assistance is given to members on a case by case basis. If you think you have a case please contact us.

10. Yacht Rating Certificates

PYA can issue Yacht Rating Certificates on behalf of MCA. These are extremely useful for those working on commercial yachts as they help satisfy the ship's Safe Manning Document. Full details of the qualifying requirements can be found in MCA's MGN 270(M). This service is available to all crew. The fee for members is €40 and non members €80. For non members who join, as Full or Blue Cadet then the €80 is discounted from the joining fee (this offer does not apply to Cadet Green membership). All applications are treated as a matter of priority.

11. Cayman Island Law and Procedure Exam Centre

Cayman Island Maritime Authority has approved PYA HQ Office in Antibes, France as an exam center for the Authorities online Law and Administrative Proceedure Exam. The LAP module must be taken by Masters and Officers.
Master and Officer Candidates are now able to log in under supervision at a PYA HQ to undertake the examination. On successful completion, the Candidate will be able to print a Certificate of Proficiency, which can be used to support the application for a Cayman Islands Endorsement.
To register as a candidate go to:

12. Flag News

Flag News is a yacht specific feed on new legislation and is now available to both Pro and Community members inside the members portal. This resource is a great way for busy crew to stay up to date with the most recent legislation that impacts yachts. The feed covers all flag administrations. It can be used to meet the flags' requirements for management companies and yachts to receive regular updates and M-Notices. The read count is personalised and if one item is read by many people in a short time period, it's marked as 'hot'. The feed updates automatically and it is possible to leave a comment.

Ready to sign up?

PYA offers a range of memberships and is open to all nationalities. Whether you are sea going or shore based, a private individual or a corporation, PYA has a class of membership that suits your position within the professional yachting community. Today, PYA membership comprises of some 45 nationalities. If you want to enjoy the services out lined above and support the work of PYA, you can join now.

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