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The PYA provides a unique research and insights service that gives brands and organisations the ability to survey our members on a wide range of yachting industry related issues.

Over the years, the PYA has carried out numerous surveys to better understand how yachting crews have been impacted by industry changes such as the introduction of new regulations, employment laws and more.

Our dedicated research team develops tailored surveys on a regular basis which allows public bodies, organisations and businesses to gain important feedback from yachting professionals, enabling them to make key decisions on upcoming projects, services and legislative changes.

Examples of previous surveys

  • Understanding the impact of new certification requirements on yacht captains

  • The current mental state of yachting crews and associated welfare issues

  • What yachting crews are looking for when it comes to seeking new employment

Surveys can be conducted throughout the year with questions developed in alignment with your objectives. Guidance is also provided on how to get the most qualified responses.

Survey partners can also benefit from the following options

  • Bespoke surveys targeted at specific members

  • PYA data sorting an analysis

  • Expert advice on creating the ideal survey

  • Co-branded published reports

  • PR and communications activities to highlight published findings

If you are seeking to gain unique insights from the yachting industry, we can help. Get in contact with our research team to find out how you can conduct your first survey with us.


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Research & Insights

Research and surveys are carried out on a regular basis by the PYA to learn about yachting industry issues from crew retention and recruitment through to safety, welfare and new technologies.

Discover our plans to get access to all the services we provide.

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