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Our Guide to Yacht Rating Certificates

15 June 2021

As we head into the start of the Mediterranean summer season for 2021, many deck crew will require a yacht rating certificate (YRC) in order to work onboard larger vessels. 

The PYA is an authorised issuing body of yacht rating certificates on behalf of the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and has been providing this certification to crew for many years.

We interviewed our Certification and Membership Administrator, Bianca Grosu, who provides some more information about how to apply for your yachting rating certificate with the PYA.  

Why are Yacht Rating Certificates required? 

The YRC is required by vessels as part of their safe manning requirements, usually yachts that are over 200GT. 

In addition to this requirement, YRC are commonly required when applying for experienced/senior deck roles as they provide an assurance to Captains/recruitment agents that a seafarer has advanced deck skills and can deal with greater responsibilities. 

It is therefore recommended for deck crew to obtain this certification in order to grow within their rank onboard.

Which crew are required to have them? 

All crew working on deck on yachts over 200GT are required to have a yacht rating certificate. This includes Captains, Officers, Mates, Bosuns, Engineers, Deckhands and in some cases they might be required for interior crew who also undertake deck duties or those who want to move into deck positions.

Is the certificate issued to the crew member or the vessel? 

Yacht Rating Certificates are issued to the crew member, not the vessel and are valid for life. When a crew member moves to a new vessel they don’t need to reapply for a new YRC and can use their existing YRC.

How to get your Yacht Rating Certificate?

You can apply online for your Yacht Rating Certificate. 

Read our step-by-step guide, including all the requirements and documents needed to get your certificate. Our team should be able to issue your YRC within 2 weeks.

If you have a specific question about YRC’s or would like additional information, please email

How much does it cost?

The great news is that if you’re a PYA member, you can apply for your yacht rating certificate with no additional cost.

For all other crew, you can join the PYA now as a full member and get 20% off the cost of your new membership, which is usually €185. You can enjoy all the benefits of being a full member, in addition to receiving your Yacht Rating Certificate.

Alternatively, you can apply for your yacht rating certificate as a non-member for €80, or a shore-based member for €40.

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