Digital Service Record Book FAQ 

On 22 February 2021, the PYA launched its PYA Digital Service Record Book (D-SRB) now available to all members and yacht crew who need to get their sea service time verified. The MCA has agreed to a permanent switch over to this PYA D-SRB, which will result in a huge increase in speed, time, and efficiency of recording sea service time and applying for NoEs, CoCs, and other certifications moving forwards. The D-SRB replaces the well-established physical Service Record Book (SRB). Crew are able to upload key information into their online profile and visualise their verified sea-time and qualifications with the D-SRB – anywhere, at any time. Watch a short video on the D-SRB here.

1. When will the D-SRB be released to me? 

For files being processed now, the D-SRB is released after the documents are reviewed and approved by our SRB Officers.

We have completed releasing the D-SRBs for files that were affected when Covid-19 hit. If for any reason you haven't received yours, please contact us.

2. How will I know when it is ready for me to download? 

You will receive an email notification and you will see an orange button at the top of your Documents tab in your PYA profile. You can download and save your D-SRB, on your device.

3. Where will I see it? 

You will see an orange button at the very top of your Member's area, that you can click to immediately download your D-SRB.

It will also be the first document listed in the documents list, in the Documents tab, in your PYA profile. 

4. What are the requirements for the D-SRB to be issued successfully? 

  • A passport photo must be uploaded to your profile - the D-SRB cannot be issued without it. 

  • The documents you upload (passport, certificates, testimonials) must be in pdf files; 

  • Multiple pages of the same document need to be in ONE file, e.g. a two-page testimonial needs to be uploaded in ONE file; 

  • Different certificates/testimonials need to be separated into different files (one certificate or testimonial per file); 

  • The text in the documents must be clear, visible, and legible. 

Failure of complying with the requirements will lead to the documents being declined and your file being put into pending until the issue is solved. 

5. What documents will be in the D-SRB? 

Any certificates or testimonials that have NOT already been entered into the physical SRB and that have been approved by an SRB Officer. 

Certificates and testimonials written in the old, physical SRB will not be transferred to the D-SRB due to a lack of time and resources. This might change in the future and we will notify members when this option will be made available. All entries hereafter will be in the D-SRB only. 

6. What will happen to the physical SRB? 

If your SRB is currently stored in our office, you should have been contacted by staff to arrange the delivery of your SRB to you. You can accelerate the process by contacting directly. 

If you are in possession of your SRB, you can keep it and use it together with the Digital SRB when/if necessary. 

7. What if I need to apply to the MCA and some of my testimonials/certificates are in my old physical SRB and some of them on the D-SRB? 

You will need to either send your physical SRB by post or obtain a digitally stamped copy to email together with your D-SRB to the MCA. 

You can contact the office to obtain the digitally stamped copy.

8. If I already have a physical SRB, will I always need to use both SRB and D-SRB when applying to the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency)? 

No, you will not. For those members who have not recently applied for a new COC or Revalidation, they might have entries both in the SRB and D-SRB that are relevant to their next application, but once they have been used, all future relevant entries will be in the D-SRB only. 

9. How do I apply for an NOE or Revalidation now? 

Some NOE applications (not first MCA CoC) and all Revalidation applications need to be sent to the MCA by email.

The Digital SRB must be ready before you can apply so that you can download it and include it in your email to the MCA. Please do not copy PYA in the emails.  

If you are applying for your first CoC with the MCA, then you need to send your original documents to the MCA by post, except the D-SRB.

If all your required sea time (or part of it) is in a physical SRB, please contact us for a digitally stamped copy so you can send it by email instead of by post. 

10. Is the D-SRB safe? 

The DSRB is protected by a digital seal that protects the document from changes and contains PYA information so that whoever receives the document is authentic and valid. 

11. Will I have access to the D-SRB even if my membership expires? 

By GDPR regulation we are allowed to retain copies of your documents on our system for a maximum of 5 years since your membership has expired. If you will require a copy of your D-SRB during that period, we can send you one by email by contacting After the deadline, all your records (the D-SRB as well) will be deleted.  
We advise you always download a copy of your most recent D-SRB, but you will be notified 30-days before your account and records will be deleted. 

12. Do I need to send my certificates to the MCA when applying for an NOE since they already are inside my D-SRB?

Yes, the MCA currently only accepts the Sea Service section of the D-SRB, so the certificates listed are for your use only.

We are working on getting the MCA to accept the Certificates section as well to prevent our members from having to send certificates to them in the future.

Last update: 29/11/2021