Code of Ethics for Members of the PYA

The following Code of Ethics is a general guide of the expected behaviour of all members of the PYA. It is not intended to replace any other codes which may apply to members’ present or future employment in the yachting Industry.


Basic Principles:

To encourage the spread of professionalism within the yachting industry and, in particular, to advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of safety of life at sea. To enable owners and their representatives to get the most enjoyment from their yachts. To spread understanding of the aims and objectives of the PYA. To encourage and assist other members of the industry in the development of their yachting careers.


Members should be open, honest and respectful in all dealings with yacht owners, their representatives and other industry professionals. Members should use knowledge gained in the execution of their profession to assist others in furthering their career goals.

Members who are elected to represent the PYA Membership on the Council or in another Executive position should carry out their PYA duties in such a way as to ensure the integrity of the PYA’s status as a 1901 not for profit Association. Such Members’ yachting associated commercial interests should be declared to the Executive in writing.


Maintain the PYA at the forefront as spokesman for Yachting Industry Professionals. Be informed of all ongoing developments and updates concerning legislation, safety & required conduct. Assist the PYA where possible in representing the yachting industry to promote “sensible and practical” standards within all relevant legislation.

Competence and Continuous Professional Development

Members have a duty to maintain a professional level of competence and to continue to increase and maintain their skills as well as their knowledge of changes and developments in the codes of safety, regulations and all other professional matters pertaining to the yachting industry.

Professional Behavior:

Members should act in a professional manner and encourage the same in all yacht crew with whom they come into contact. Members shall work within the bounds of relevant laws and regulations and avoid any actions and comments that shall discredit the yacht, the yacht owner or the yachting industry as a whole.  Members shall seek to improve their knowledge of safety, security and current legislation. Members should encourage and mentor other less experienced crew in their work on board and in furthering their careers.

Duty of Care

Members should be aware of a duty of care for all owners, guests, fellow crew and any other persons on board.


Privileged positions are held on private vessels where highly influential people spend their leisure time. Members will be exposed to their private lives, actions, communications and documentation. All is to be kept in confidence, never discussed or shared with other persons or to be used in any way for personal gain.


Note: Any PYA member proven not to have conducted themselves in accordance with this code of ethics may have their membership cancelled at the complete discretion of the PYA Executive.