About the Professional Yachting Association

We are the Professional Body for Yacht Crew. PYA is a not for profit association run for crew by crew. Founded in 1991 in response to the creation of the first Large Yacht Code (LYC). We have a long history of working with policy makers tasked with writing rules and regulations that affect yachts and yachting. Throughout the evolution of manning and certification regulations affecting crew on large yachts, we have been there putting across the point of view of those who actually live and work onboard yachts. Our Head Quarters is in Antibes, France and we have 15 Regional offices world wide. Our staff offer up to date, informed advice on training and certification issues along with practical information on how to proceed with disputes with employers. We are committed to dual programs of providing membership with practical, relevant advice and services for career development coupled with advocacy toward policy makers with the aim of improving their awareness of the Yachting Industry.

Deck and Engineering Crew

The Certification of Yacht Deck and Engineering Officers requires a combination of both theoretical and practical training. Given the typical duty cycle of a yacht (i.e. moored) gaining and proving enough sea time has become the key achieving the next qualification and therefore career progression. Currently, PYA is the only professional body in the world that can verify sea service on yachts for both the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Transport Malta (TM). Our dedicated staff provide this verification as a service to our members though the provision of our 'Service Record Book"

Interior Crew

We have developed an industry standard for Interior Crew Training and Certification. Previously, there was no career development path for Interior Crew yet in the yachting industry they are the front line in ensuring the Owner and Guest experience whilst onboard. The industry Guidelines for Unified Excellence Service Training (GUEST) has been developed by an industry wide work group. The certification path follows a very similar route to that described in LYC however instead of days at sea fulfilling the practical criteria, days with guests onboard satisfies the requirement for practical training.

In recognition of the huge contribution women make to the yachting industry and in readiness for the implementation of ICTC in 2011 we changed our name from 'Professional Yachtsmen's Association' to 'Professional Yachting Association'.


Professional Yachting Association