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The Before Yachting section takes those interested through the basics from STCW and ENG-1, to accommodation, visas, and what to do once you arrive overseas. Life WhileYachting shows Kiwi yachties the processes to go through, overcome and correct conflicting information around. For example, some of the challenges faced by NZ crew include getting your money back to NZ and becoming a NZ non-tax resident. Life After Yachting covers everything from international money transfers to tax and accounting to shore-based employment and real estate.

“We spent two years designing and modifying the website, so it is simple but informative, user-friendly, and interactive as possible,” co-owner Hamish Taylor states. Weaved into each of the sections are their partners, which are all well-known and recognized companies and organizations that provide advice and services to crew throughout their careers. 

Yachties of New Zealand

The Yachties of New Zealand is a website that features three sections to help Kiwis during their career at no charge — Life Before Yachting, Life While Yachting, and Life After Yachting.

Become a member and enjoy the exclusive offers from our partners.

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