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PRESS RELEASE: The Crew Network and V.Hospitality partner to announce a new “Interior Service Training” program for the luxury yacht industry. The Crew Network, in collaboration with V.Hospitality, has created and launched a comprehensive Yacht Interior Training seminar. The program, which can be highly customized to the client’s needs, is targeted to familiarize crew members with all aspects of service standards on-board yachts (silver service, cocktails and wine), while focusing on both skills as well as management aspects of the role of each crew member. With the help of veteran and qualified yacht trainers, we have customized service training modules to be offered on-board as well as through correspondence courses. Our experienced team comes from the yachting industry and understands the specifics associated with service on-board a luxury private yacht; as a result, their training processes are both adapted and highly effective in a yachting environment. If exceptional service is the goal, then turn to the experts for training and recruitment. Our trainers do make a difference and our unique training methods do guarantee results. To learn more about how our new Yacht Interior Training program can help your team, please contact us Mr. Bertrand Petyt (V.Ships Leisure) at

The Crew Network

Need help with crew management? The Crew Network is one of the top yacht crew placement agencies. Using a global team of private yacht crew agents, we offer crew placement and support services worldwide.

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