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Superyacht References has introduced a ground-breaking platform to streamline and enhance the yacht crew recruitment process. Founded by Captain McDowell, the platform offers independent referencing support, background checks, and career guidance for crew members. It addresses the challenges of verifying references and qualifications by providing a secure, transparent, and time-saving solution. Crew members can upload their details to an encrypted portal for verification, ensuring that captains and agents can trust the authenticity of the information. The platform aims to continue improving user experience and offers free services for crew members, including professional development and mentoring throughout their careers.

Superyacht References prioritises mental health, aiming to alleviate stress for crew members in an industry known for high demands. Our commitment to mental well-being is underscored by a dedicated team that not only offers career guidance and mentorship but also assists crew members in addressing areas for improvement highlighted in the feedback received form their references. Our team guides them on specific actions to enhance their skills, ensuring they stand a better chance of achieving their career goals.

Overall, Superyacht References aims to reshape the industry by providing a stress-free and efficient experience for both crew members and recruiters.


-       References Checks

-       Certification/Qualification Checks

-       Background Checks

-       Security & National ID Checks

-       Career Guidance

-       Mentorship Program

Contact Information



Socials: @superyachtreferences

Superyacht References

Superyacht References is an innovative new platform set to revolutionise the yacht crew recruitment process. Built by a captain, for captains, senior crew and agents, it’s a pioneering solution to the challenges of undertaking background checks, verifying crew references alongside a mentoring and career guidance program.

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