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Your hassle-free guide to applying for an OOW 3000 NOEOOW

16 September 2019

Each year our PYA advisors spend a large portion of their time helping yacht crew navigate through the large list of information required in support of their Notice of Eligibility Application (NOE) for OOW 3000 GT Yachts. Due to the fairly comprehensive list of supporting documents required by the MCA, it often creates a lot of ‘toing and froing’ to ensure all the necessary information is submitted. 

We encourage all members to plan ahead before the season comes to an end to ensure their application for OOW 3000 NOE goes as smoothly as possible.

Documents required

All the documents listed below (taken from Section 4A of the OOW 3000 NOE application) need to be submitted alongside your OOW 3000 NOE application.

  1. MSF 4343 NOE Application filled in, signed, countersigned and in original

  2. Attested Copy of Passport and Visa if applicable

  3. Your PYA Digital Service Record Book (must be sent by email to the MCA Deck team at - The D-SRB must NOT be printed. It is a digitally stamped document with an electronic signature that cannot be checked if printed and, therefore, will not be accepted by the MCA)

  4. Two countersigned passport photographs (PYA can countersign your photos and also sign the counter-signature in section 6 in your application; alternatively, refer to page 10 of NOE application, for instructions)

  5. MCA recognised Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence/Master of Yachts Limited/Yachtmaster Coastal/Master of Yachts Coastal

  6. MCA recognised Yachtmaster Offshore Shore-based Certificate

  7. Personal Survival Techniques STCW A-VI/1-1 (after 1st January 2017 updated or issued < 5 years);

  8. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting STCW A-VI/1-2 (after 1st January 2017 updated or issued < 5 years)

  9. Elementary First Aid STCW A-VI/1-3

  10. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities STCW A-VI/1-4

  11. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate (ENG1)

  12. MCA approved Training Record Book for OOW 3000 Yachts (PYA Membership includes a free printed and bound TRB) dully filled in and signed

Additional documents

The following documents can either be sent with your NOE application or later, but need to be sent for the issuance of your CoC: 

  1. PSC&RB/ PSC&RB(R) (STCW A-VI/2) OR Advanced Sea Survival for Yachtsmen

  2. MCA approved Navigational & Radar (OOW Yachts) Training Module and pass certificate (<3 years old)

  3. An MCA approved ECDIS course

  4. MCA approved General Ship Knowledge (OOW Yachts) and pass certificate (<3 years old)

  5. MCA approved Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) Course

  6. MCA approved HELM Operational Certificate

  7. GMDSS General Operators Certificate or Restricted Operators Certificate


The MCA takes an average of 28 days to process your NOE application, so plan in advance.

Our PYA Sea Service team can, if requested, certify photocopies of your passport and certificates if you don’t wish to send your originals to the MCA (provided they have seen originals or certified copies). For this service contact

For help with your NOE application, questions, or appointmenst with our specialist advisors contact

More news

PYA Agents Network around the world

As the season begins and you embark on your global travels, we want to ensure that our PYA members have access to essential services. To facilitate this, we have enlisted a network of PYA Agents located around the world. These agents specialize in certifying original documents, helping you maintain accurate profiles and supporting your MCA applications.

A surge in unqualified crew with fake or purchased CoCs

The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) and the Italian Yacht Masters Association (IYM) sound the alarm on a hidden danger: a surge in unqualified crew with fake or purchased Certificates of Competence, which raises potential safety issues for crew, passengers, and vessels.

The MCA & Red Ensign Group recognise Maltese Yacht-Restricted Certificates of Competence

A few months ago, the PYA announced that the MCA would start recognising Maltese Yacht-restricted CoCs. Some of our members contacted the MCA without receiving any concrete information. We have reached out to the MCA several times and finally received the following statement:

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