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Yacht Job Scam Alert

16 June 2021

The PYA recently became aware of an online job scam aimed particularly at new entrants in the yachting industry. The modus operandi of the scam is to advertise what seems like enticing jobs, which then require applicants to take online courses at their own expense, with a promise of reimbursement once they take the position advertised.

The markers of this operation which make it obviously a scam, include:

  • A fancy online brochure with faulty English copy;

  • Inconsistencies between the job title and job description (e.g. Interior roles are listed with deck or engineering duties in the description);

  • The inclusion of ‘‘accredited’’ organisation logos, such as Lloyd’s Register or the ILO, which actually do not accredit training courses;

  • Logos which do not link out to the organisations website when clicked on;

  • Statements against course content such as “meets the requirements of ….”, which means that the courses are not actually recognised by the authority or institution referred to;

  • Phone numbers which are unobtainable or never answer calls;

  • The fact that upfront payment for employment is illegal in all reputable jurisdictions.

Continuous professional development is strongly encouraged by the PYA as it enhances career prospects, safety at work from increased awareness of different facets of the industry, and as a path towards transferring to shore-based opportunities. However, we strongly advise all crew to be aware of any training courses which are not fully accredited by recognised bodies and to never part with any money, credit card numbers, bank account information, or personal details if it is a prerequisite for a job offer.

The PYA offers personalised training and career advice to all our members. Therefore, should you be in doubt about a job offer or training course, do contact our team who will be able to provide further advice, information or assurance.

We immediately check on any reports of apparent fraudulent schemes aimed at seafarers and are regularly sharing the details of these scams via our newsletter, website and social media.

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