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Why are the stereotypes of so many roles in yachting still tied to men?

19 September 2019

The maritime industry was once an industry heavily dominated by men, but, for a long time now, the industry has relied on the dedication and leadership of many women. So, why are the stereotypes of multiple roles in yachting still so closely tied to men? 

Jenny Mattews, who is a qualified and working Chief Mate 3000, has created the ‘She of the Sea’ platform to cultivate equality, realise potential and celebrate diversity by connecting and championing each other towards excellence.

Jenny is following a wider effort to promote equality and challenge gender-based stereotypes that hinder women from moving into leadership roles in Maritime. On May 1st, 2019, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) held a special event that brought together five high-level female leaders within the maritime industry to discuss some of the issues challenging females within a predominantly male-dominated industry. 

These discussions are crucial to challenging and changing these stereotypes. 

By creating this platform, She of the Sea is giving women in yachting a space to promote their voices and share their stories and achievements. The platform also aims to give women the tools to build fulfilling, rewarding, and inspiring careers in maritime.

Jenny is committed to encouraging more women to realise their potential and take on leadership roles, such as captaining vessels, which were previously male-dominated. She encourages all women in the industry - no matter your location - to join her in inspiring and moulding the culture within the maritime industry.

The PYA is dedicated to supporting equality within yachting and would like to encourage all the women within our community to have their say on the ‘She of the Sea’ yacht crew survey. 

Take the survey.

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