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Sea Changes Forum 2023 - Full conference video and presentations released

28 November 2023

PYA members and the general public can access our Sea Changes Forum 2023 conference video and presentations from today.

This year’s Sea Changes Forum at the Monaco Yacht Show brought together stakeholders from across the yachting industry to discuss important issues from crew welfare to the mapping of the seas.

Our conference was held at the IHO HQ in Monaco, with a packed auditorium of guests who had travelled from around the world to participate in the PYA’s annual event. This year was a particularly special occasion to highlight some of the emerging technologies that will be changing our industry in the coming years ahead. We also gained insights into how yachts are being equipped to map the ocean floors, advancing our knowledge of the world’s marine ecosystem - further cementing how yachting is playing a key role in scientific discovery.

Video conference - Full length version

We would like to thank Bluewater for supporting our event and putting together this production of the conference. To access it, please see our Youtube video to watch the full conference.

Conference presentations from guest speakers

Below you can view and download a list of presentations from some of our speakers this year. These can be used for research and educational purposes. If you would like to request permission for commercial use, please get in contact with us:

  • Mr John Wyborn, IAMI Board member - who discussed the work IAMI does for yacht training including the Deck Certification Report.

  • Miss Joey Meen, IAMI Guest Program Director - who shared insights on the importance of soft skill training & the CPD opportunities of bespoke (non-mandatory) education to support yachting careers – with the Yacht Owners Representative Program being provided as an example.

  • Mr Richard Falk, Director of Training and Qualifications, Royal Yachting Association - who introduced “RYA Training and Qualifications, Rising to the Challenges of the Future”.

  • Miss Angela Wallace, PYA Director of Interior Training, PYA Welfare Group - who discussed current issues in the industry regarding crew including recruitment and retention.

  • Mr Jo Assael, Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) Yacht Register, International Registries Inc - who introduced the RMI’s Master (Yachts) Unlimited Tonnage Certificate of Competency (CoC).

  • Mr John Everett Nyberg, Technical Director, IHO - who discussed the IHO’s international mapping project.

To see the full presentation of this year’s Sea Changes Forum 2023, please view this document for further details.

We want to say another big thank you to our supporters and partners including the IHO, Ocean Drive, IAMI, Guest Program, Bluewater, MYBA, Seascope France and YPI Crew for making this event possible.

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event in 2024!

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