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PYA Develops SEA Contract Templates

26 October 2021

From surveys and cases handled by our confidential Member Assistance Service, the PYA has become aware that there are many seafarers, especially those working on smaller yachts, that have inadequate employment contracts or, even, no contract at all.

We are also aware that some Captains are not using employment contracts and would like to introduce them but do not know how to do so.

It is for these reasons that the PYA is offering two 'contract templates' that can be used to create an employment contract suitable for each particular situation or individual.

Please note carefully that these templates are only for use on so-called 'Pleasure Vessels'/yachts not operating commercially.

The PYA would very much like to receive feedback from members on these templates. Please send all feedback to

Download SEA Templates

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A surge in unqualified crew with fake or purchased CoCs

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