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MCA releases MIN 655

22 March 2021

Commencing in January 2021 the MCA will begin issuing full certificates with a five-year validity. The certificates will be issued in the new format, as shown in Annex A, and will be a resumption in the issuance of physical certification by the MCA.

All NOE and Revalidation applications need to be sent to the MCA by email.

You need to have your Digital SRB available in your profile before you can apply, so that you can download it and include it in your email to the MCA (please do not copy PYA in the emails).

If all your required sea time (or part of it) is in a physical SRB, please contact us for a digitally stamped copy of your physical SRB so you can send that by email instead of by post.

If you are applying for your first NOE (first MCA CoC), then you need to send your original documents to the MCA by post as well (except the D-SRB of course) to the address that follows.

If your application requires the submission of a Training Record Book (TRB), the original physical TRB will need to be submitted to the MCA.

Supporting documents must be attached to the ‘application email’ directly, or within a ‘.zip file’. They are unable to accept ‘.rar extensions’ or links to file-sharing services such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Your application may be selected for screening. In that case, you will be contacted requesting the submission of original documentation.

Physical documents should be sent to:

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Seafarer Services (Bay 2/11)

Spring Place105 Commercial Road


SO15 1EG


View now: MIN 655

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