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Help the PYA improve on board learning opportunities for crew today

11 January 2023

On board training and mentoring survey 2023


The yachting industry has experienced incredible growth over the last 20 years and more recently, sometimes unwelcome publicity, which all employers and senior crew will know, has resulted in a great shortage of individuals with the right mind set, qualifications, knowledge and career background to fill many of their vacancies on board.The pace of yachting is faster, the demands higher and time shorter, which has meant that many crew do not today benefit from the on-board training & mentoring which was the staple method of learning for many senior crew when they first entered the industry.  Shore based courses can only provide a certain amount of knowledge. There is nothing to compare with the broad spectrum of practical skills which can be gained by experience and passed down by senior crew to those starting in the industry.


In addition, the MCA Training Record Book (TRB), which Deck crew need to complete at the beginning of their careers to prove knowledge of practical skills, last revised in 2004, is woefully out of date with modern yachting practice and fast moving current technology.


The board of the PYA has voted that one of its main aims for 2023 will be to encourage a return to the age-old practice of on-board training and mentoring of junior crew by their more senior fellow crew.The PYA has also undertaken to work with the MCA and other relevant partners to re-write the Deck Training Record Book in its entirety to bring it up to date with the skills required by today’s yacht crew.

The first step of the journey is to discover current practices in the industry so that we can assess how to move forward with this aim.


With your help, we can improve the learning outcomes for many crew and help re-build the pool of qualified, knowledgeable and professional crew in our great industry.

Thank you. 

The PYA Team

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