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Foreign yacht tourists to Egypt will be granted new three month visa

14 August 2023

Foreign yacht passengers arriving in the Arab Republic of Egypt will have the option of applying for a new tourist residence permit, which will be valid for three months as opposed to one.

The validity term of the tourist visa for foreign boat visitors is being increased from 30 days to 3 months in order to support the efforts made by the Egyptian government to address all the issues and challenges faced by foreign yachts visiting ports and tourist marinas on the Egyptian coastline.

The decision was made in response to potential issues that foreign yacht visitors might encounter, such as changes brought on by the environment or unexpected events (e.g., severe weather or mechanical issues that prevent the yacht from leaving), as well as the yacht's inability to commit to leaving the country at the appropriate times to meet the needs of safe sailing for its crew and passengers.

His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, announced on 17/5/2023 to maximise the state's resources to the concerned ministries to take the necessary actions regarding the extension of the validity period of the tourist visa for foreign yacht visitors to be 3 months instead of 30 days in an effort to maximise foreign yacht tourism to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In order to put this into action, the Ministry of Interior (General Directorate of Passports, Immigration, and Nationality) made a decision in this regard, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued instructions to all Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad, allowing foreign visitors arriving in the Arab Republic of Egypt on board foreign tourist yachts to stay as tourists for an extended period of three months.

Foreign yachts are invited to make their application through Egypt’s online Maritime Transport Sector portal, where visa registrations are managed. You can access this here.

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