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Boost for Greek Yachting with the Launch of "e-Charter Permission"

10 January 2024

Greece has taken a significant step forward in supporting its yachting industry with the implementation of the new electronic application "e-Charter Permission." This innovative platform, launched in December, marks a pivotal moment in Greece's transition to a digitalized yachting landscape, streamlining the process and opening up new avenues for growth in 2024.

At its core, "e-Charter Permission" serves as a one-stop shop for yachting stakeholders, offering a simplified and streamlined approach to navigating the complexities of the industry. This centralised platform seamlessly integrates with existing governmental systems, ensuring seamless data exchange and enhanced efficiency.

The introduction of "e-Charter Permission" goes beyond mere streamlining; it establishes a robust mechanism for recording, monitoring, and controlling the activities of vessels operating under this license. This comprehensive oversight contributes to enhanced safety standards and regulatory compliance, aligning Greece with other nations that have also focused on improved outcomes for their respective industries.

The implications of this technological advancement also extend far beyond streamlined operations. The release of the potential of maritime tourism is expected to fuel significant growth within the domestic yachting sector, creating new job opportunities and attracting commercial yachts to choose Greek ports as homeports. This, in turn, will drive the overall economic development of the country as Greece seeks to expand its thriving blue economy.

The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, through the General Secretariat of Shipping and Ports, is at the forefront of this transformation, aligning "e-Charter Permission" with the national maritime development strategy. This commitment to innovation and modernisation underscores Greece's dedication to becoming a global leader in the yachting industry.

With the introduction of "e-Charter Permission," Greece has established a modern and transparent framework for the operation of commercial yachts, aptly meeting the evolving demands and challenges of internationalised maritime tourism. This innovative platform marks a new era for Greek yachting, one characterised by efficiency, transparency, and global competitiveness.

Details of Charter Permission for Commercial Yachts in Greece

The electronic application "e-Charter Permission" issued by the Greek government grants permission for the operation of commercial yachts under a foreign flag of more than 35 meters (excluding wooden vessels) in Greek waters. The application offers two types of licenses: "Charter Permission" for charter contracts entirely within Greek territory and "Charter Permission Plus" for charter contracts with either the start or end point within Greece. The initial license duration is set at twenty-eight (28) days, subject to modification based on specific conditions.

Thank you to SOS Yachting Greece for contributing to this announcement.

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