Service Record Book (SRB)

The easiest way to record Sea Service, approved by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Transport for Malta

When progressing your yachting career – whether it be sitting or re-validating tickets, obtaining a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) or Certificate of Competency (CoC) or moving to a more senior position on-board, you need to be able to show an accurate and VERIFIED record of your time at sea. This means that somebody has confirmed (verified) with your previous Master/Captain, management company or owner that the sea time you have claimed has in fact been completed as per the official definitions of sea service in yachts.

The PYA is authorised by the MCA, through the PYA acredited Lloyds ISO 9001:2015 ISO quality management standards, to verify sea service using the PYA Service Record Book (SRB). Your sea time (both present and retrospective experience) will be carefully checked and approved before being stamped into the SRB by the PYA.

All full PYA members are issued with the Service Record Book upon joining the association.

The PYA Service Record Book is the original Service Record Book, developed directly in conjunction with the MCA. The PYA has been verifying sea service for the MCA since 1994 - no other organisation has this track record, and as such the PYA Service Record Book is extremely highly regarded by the MCA and in the industry.

The MCA and Transport for Malta have formally delegated sea service verification to PYA so the PYA’s Service Record Book will avoid the significant delays in issuing of a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) or Certificate of Competency (CoC) which the MCA has said will ensue if they receive sea service testimonials not verified by the PYA.

Submitting the Service Record Book to the maritime authorities removes the need to submit original testimonials with your application. It can be also presented to employers in conjunction with your CV. 

Last update: May 2019