The fees for PYA membership depend on the category of membership you take.

See the descriptions at the bottom for details on each membership class.

  Full Member Associate Member Shorebased Member
Joining Fee Nil Nil Nil
Annual membership fee

(Discounted fees are available for 2 years or more membership)
€185 €85 €85
MCA & Transport for Malta Approved Service Record Book      
Sea Service Testimonial Verification Service      
Training Record Book (if applicable)      
Yacht Rating Certificate (if applicable and only if requested upon joining)      
Full access to online PYA members’ area      
Advice and support from the PYA      
Receive PYA publications      
Participation in PYA activities/ workgroups      
Reduced / free entry to PYA events      
PYA-negotiated discounts and special offers      
Vote at General Meetings      

Full Member - €185 per year

For those working towards, or serving at officer level, for engineers from MEOL or Y4 upwards, for interior crew applying for a GUEST CoC, and for anyone else who needs to submit verified Sea Service and qualifications to the MCA. For these members, the PYA provides an MCA-approved Service Record Book in which the member’s Sea Service Testimonials will be recorded after being verified (at no extra charge) by the PYA to accurately prove time spent at sea.

Full Members avoid the significant delays in issuing NoEs or CoCs which the MCA has said are likely to occur if they receive Sea Service Testimonials not verified by the PYA.

This category is also appropriate for formerly seagoing members who are now working ashore as managers, superintendents etc. and wish to keep their CoC valid.

Associate Member - €85 per year

This category is appropriate for those working at levels that do not require them to have a Service Record Book (SRB) or to have their Sea Service Testimonials (SSTs) verified by the PYA. Instead, they receive the PYA Crew Work Book, in which they can have their sea time stamped in by their captain. This can be used to show sea time for a Yacht Rating Certificate but cannot be submitted to the MCA.

Associate Members who upgrade their membership will receive a discount of EUR 100 on the fee for their first year as a Full Member. When upgrading, they may also have their accumulated SSTs verified and entered into their new SRB. (Note: This offer does not apply if membership as an Associate Member has already expired.)

Shorebased Member - €85 per year

For those who are working in the industry but are not (or are no longer) serving at sea and so do not need an SRB or verification of SSTs.

SST verification for non-members.

The cost of this service will be EUR 50 per SST with a minimum charge of EUR 100. Further information