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Yacht Job Scam Alert - Disclaimer

22 June 2021

Following the recent notification by the PYA (direct email and blog post) which revealed the modus operandi of an entity seeking to defraud people looking for positions in the yachting industry, more information has come to light as the PYA pursued further investigations and received feedback from other parties concerned.

It appears that an Eastern European cyberspace entity calling itself TMT Yachts Holding, has compiled a fake web profile by stripping parts from the web pages of an authentic yacht management company, TWW Yachts, using their logo, and an authentic commercial ship company C-bed Holding A/S, and illegally displaying the logos of other prime organizations such as Lloyd’s, on their material. 

In addition, they have been pushing out crudely butchered employment “contracts”, purporting to come from Lesia Group in Guernsey, or from the PYA. Presumably such false contracts are intended to serve as bait when offering nonsensical courses, to be paid for upfront by job candidates as a pre-condition of employment. 

This Disclaimer is to affirm that the PYA does not issue crew contracts, and that any and all implied or overt affiliations between TMT Yachts Holding and the PYA, or Lesia Group, or TWW Yachts, or YPI, or any individual yacht named by TMT Yachts Holding, or any other legitimate body which may have been targeted by TMT Yachts Holding, are totally spurious and invalid.

Our members are advised to ignore all postings, job offers, training courses, and any other online content emanating from TMT Yachts Holding. If any direct contact has already been made, the safe approach is to sever it forthwith, and change passwords to all personal and financial records.  

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