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SENTIO Offers Next-Generation Onboard NAAT(PCR) Testing

11 August 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, the gold standard molecular NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) commonly known as PCR, has been required by multiple countries for travel and, with the introduction of the health pass in France, Monaco and Italy, a negative NAAT test will be required by crew and guests who have not been vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid-19 in order to access multiple venues, including restaurants, bars and long-distance travel.  

PYA Partner, SENTIO Protect, part of the wider SENTIO Group, is at the vanguard of maritime occupational health, safety & sustainability innovating solutions using the very latest technologies from leading diagnostic manufacturers. 

SENTIO Protect is offering all vessels the opportunity to take control of their testing by conducting Covid-19 testing onboard with their rapid molecular NAAT from cue health based in San Diego. This advanced testing platform has been authorized by the FDA, Health Canada, European Union and Ministry of Health India. It only requires a non-invasive lower nose sample, has absolutely no sample preparation and delivers results within 20 minutes through the Cue Health app on the mobile device. To increase testing speed, up to 6 Cue readers can be linked to the mobile device, which would then allow all 12 guests to be tested in 40mins. This can provide a huge amount of efficiency for yachts worldwide, as it allows for onboard testing upon guest and crew arrival and departure. 

How does it work? 

The Covid-19 test is part of the wider Cue Health genetic health monitoring platform, so it provides benefits fit for Covid-19 and beyond. The platform includes the digital reader device, the Covid-19 testing cartridge with swab and mobile tablet device pre-loaded with Cue Health app. The app guides the medical officer through every stage of the test and the result is displayed with a test certificate.

Meet Cue...

Follow this link to view a short video to see how easy the test is to use.

“The phrase game changer can be overused, but this technology really does deserve the accolade,” asserts James Hammond, Chief Executive of SENTIO Protect. “We can now bring that accuracy right to the passerelle and have reliable results in real-time.” 

This technology provides a huge amount of convenience and assurance to guests and crew as they travel to different destinations and are subject to multiple immigration checks. 

For a short consultation to determine your vessel’s test profile and receive a tailored quotation contact SENTIO Protect:

T.  +44 207 1110817 


WhatsApp +447833292760

PYA Member Discount

PYA member-exclusive arrangement, quote your PYA membership number and SENTIO Protect will include a digital reader at no cost for all orders of 150+ test cartridges.

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