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Streamlined Certification for Yacht Engineers: New RMI Policy Clarifies Requirements

8 March 2024

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has recently formalized an existing policy that simplifies engineer certification requirements for yachts with multiple engines. This change benefits both yacht owners and engineers by aligning RMI standards with the practicalities of multi-engine configurations.

Previously, some flag states might have required engineers on a yacht with two powerful engines (say, 3,000kW each) to hold a combined 6,000kW certification. However, the RMI recognizes that the single most powerful engine on board dictates the skillset needed for operation and maintenance.

This update is now reflected in the Marine Notice (MN) 7-038-2, Section A 2.19. It clearly states:

The minimum required STCW kW limitation for engine officers (as listed on the MSMC) will be determined based on the single highest rated engine power in kW.

In simpler terms, the engineer's qualification is based on the power of the yacht's strongest engine, not the sum of all engines. This means that for our example yacht with dual 3,000kW engines, engineers only require a 3,000kW certification, reducing potential certification hurdles.

This change streamlines the certification process for engineers working on multi-engine yachts under the RMI flag, while still maintaining safety standards. It allows qualified professionals to operate within their expertise while ensuring efficient operations for yacht owners.

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