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The MCA updates its list of approved ENG1 doctors outside of the UK

12 October 2023

The MCA have updated their list of approved ENG1 doctors based internationally. Seafarer's which are currently employed on vessels will need to have their seafarer medical fitness certificate approved, which in the UK is called the ENG1. The certificate is confirmation that an individual is deemed medically fit to work on sea-going ships and they do not have a pre-existing medical condition that could pose a risk to themselves or others while carrying out their duties.

It is important to know that the MCA will accept seafarer medical certificates that are approved by international maritime administrations as well. Among the list of countries which are recognised by the MCA for the issuance of medical certificates include: France, Malta, Spain and Norway. To get the full list, you can explore the resource here for further information.

For seafarers that are based internationally, national maritime authorities will also have their own list of approved doctors. One particular example is the Norwegian Maritime Authority that has published its approved list of doctors operating outside of the country which can be viewed here.

To understand more about ENG1 or other medical certificates such as the ML5, you can explore the MCA’s guidance on obtaining one. To see the current list of approved overseas doctors by the MCA, please explore this resource.

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