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Certified copies of documents

For PYA purposes

The certification of your documents can be done by anyone holding a CoC, a management company, a training provider, or other professionals such as doctors, lawyers or teachers, who declare that the copies are true copies of the originals.

We cannot process your testimonials without confirming your identity so your file will remain pending until you upload a certified copy of your passport.



Text sample:

"I certify that this/these is a/are true copy/ies of the original/s."

Full name,

COC number and issuing authority (if available),

stamp (if available),




Whoever is certifying your documents can:

  • write the declaration on each copy;

  • send an email to with the above text, mentioning each certificate, while you upload simple copies of your certificates to your profile;

  • write the declaration in a Word/PDF document and mention each certificate and upload it together with the simple copies of your documents to your profile.

For MCA purposes (applying for an NoE)

Please note that for us to issue certified copies that are accepted by the MCA we must see the originals first. We cannot make certified copies from certified copies unless they come from one of our Agents.

If you are in the Antibes area, we can arrange an appointment for you to come with your certificates. Please contact

Alternatively, you can go to any notary public or MCA-approved nautical colleges or IYT, or Your Maritime Administration or MCA Surveyors or other MCA-approved organisations (you must contact the MCA directly for these).

Certified Copies

How to obtain certified copies of your documents

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