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UKSR to launch office in Piraeus, Greece

2 July 2020

In a recent report released by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), it was announced that a UK Ship Register (UKSR) office will soon be launched in Piraeus, Greece. 

Greece is one of the Mediterranean's most active yachting regions, with many idyllic islands and seaside destinations attracting yachts from all corners of the globe.

The opening of this new office will allow the Greece yachting community who are UK flag registered to benefit from a dedicated support service.

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Our PYA Greece agent, A1 Yacht Trade Consortium, commented on the announcement, saying 'it is very welcome news! Athens already has representatives for a number of international registries, so we feel that the MCA will make a great contribution by adding to the available choice in Greece.'

To contact A1 Yacht Trade Consortium, whose staff can provide information on our PYA membership services and help with a wide range of local information and yachting related services.

Contact details:

Rhodes - Call +30 22410 01000 or email: 

Piraeus - Call +30 21045 87100 or email:


The UKSR has announced it is to open its first overseas sales hub as part of ambitious growth plans for the UK Flag.

The new venture, which will see the launch of a sales office in Piraeus, Greece – a country with a rich Maritime heritage – will allow UKSR to build valuable long-term partnerships with local ship owners as well as strengthen the presence of the Flag in the Greek shipping industry.

 Late last year, UKSR launched a brand-new operating model with a focus on world-class customer service and commitment to expand its operations outside of the UK.

 With the Flag’s renewed focus on partnership working and international representation, Katy Ware, Director of UK Maritime Services at the MCA, said connecting with Greek Ship owners locally was a top priority.   

 “We recognise the importance and influence of Greek shipping owners and believe as a flag we can add real value to their operations.

 “There is a long history of Anglo-Greek collaboration in the maritime industry and that’s why we’ve chosen Greece as the location for our first overseas sales hub.”

 Maritime Minister Kelly Tolhurst said: “For centuries, the UK flag has provided protection, identity and kinship to all bearers across the seas.

 “This is now more important than ever, with the UK leading the repatriation of seafarers around the world through Covid-19.

 “This new venture will enhance the flag’s appeal and extend our ability to demonstrate how the UK can benefit shipping companies.”

 Currently, around 30 per cent of the world's shipping companies are Greek-owned and have strong ties with Piraeus.

 The UKSR have appointed Andriani Vodena, a sales executive with an extensive background in shipping, to oversee UKSR’s flag services on the ground in Piraeus. She will take an active lead on meeting with new and existing customers, giving the Greek and Cypriot market dedicated support and information on the advantages of the UK Flag.

 Andriani previously worked for Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA Europe) and has vast amounts of experience communicating closely with ship owners, Port Authorities and Government Bodies,

 “I am proud and delighted to serve as the first UKSR Sales Executive in Greece and I look forward to contributing to the UK Ship Register’s mission to become the world’s best-performing international flag,” Andriani said.

 “I am confident that the Greek Shipping Community will embrace the UK Flag and its world-class standards.”

 The exact timing of the opening of the sales office will be subject to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

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