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Superyacht Forum 2023 Highlights

23 November 2023

This year’s Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam saw more than 800 guests participate in the 31st edition with a host of impactful panels and workshops held over the course of the 3 days.

The PYA along with other industry organisations took part in discussions on a wide range of issues from technological innovations to crew welfare.

Keynote speeches and sessions included insightful anecdotes of an industry that is changing rapidly and adapting to a new reality where environmental concerns and protecting maritime ecosystems is top of the agenda. Regulations and technology debates at this year’s event along with networking sessions fostered new collaborations between governing bodies and the wider industry - highlighting key issues that we will face in the coming years ahead.

“The Superyacht Forum is a fantastic event that brings together people from all sides of the industry to discuss crucial matters. Our take is that most of the issues are related to a lack of professionalism and training. The PYA is working on various initiatives to tackle some of these problems through collaboration with stakeholders. The feedback on this was positive, and we look forward to launching these initiatives next year. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Martin from The Superyacht Group for inviting the PYA to such an important event, ” said Kim Llorente, Operations Manager for the PYA.

Industries also collaborated outside of the yachting space with delegates from luxury hospitality, business aviation and ocean conservation discussing important sector-wide issues that will impact all stakeholders.

This year’s attendees were also reminded of the precarious position that the yachting industry is in with a renewed focus on environmental concerns - echoed by PYA’s CEO, Christophe Bourillon, who highlighted this new reality in his latest position paper. With protest movements such as Extinction Rebellion evidently visible at this year’s event, delegates were keen to unveil ambitious reforms that will help yachting become more sustainable in future years. Part of the focus on sustainability has also been to unify various metrics to measure efforts and present evidence of binding reductions of carbon emissions as well as increasing protection for fragile maritime ecosystems.

The openness of this year’s event showcased how much progress is being made across sectors and internationally to address the various issues impacting yacht crews.

Gallery Highlights

See some of our photos from this year’s event.

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