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Federagenti releases a new update on the Italian D Visa

2 February 2023

Federagenti, the Italian Federation of Yacht & Ship Agents, shared a new note about the D visa to inform about the current situation in Italy.

The full text is available in the note, but here below you can find the main points:

  • Italian yacht agencies have already helped hundreds of non-EU crew members in obtaining their visas

  • The D visa can be issued by any entitled Italian Consulates/Embassy around the world (we advise you to contact your local yacht agency for confirmation on the entitled offices)

  • The D visa allows the holder not only to stay in Italy for up to 365 days but also to spend up to 90 days every 180 days in other Schengen countries

  • The D visa allows non-EU seafarers to remain in Italian shipyards and marinas and cruise in Italian waters with the possibility of multiple entries

  • Seafarers arriving in Italy by sea are still to be stamped into the EU only at the moment they disembark the yacht, just like in other EU countries

We recommend you always contact an Italian yacht agent before travelling to the country. They will ensure you follow the correct procedure and are on track to obtaining your D visa.

If you do not already have a local agent, contact us for recommendations.

Here's the full note:

Thank you to Genova For Yachting for sharing the update.

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