Ships Cook Certificate and Food Hygiene

Please see the MSN 1846 on Food and Catering: Ship’s Cooks and Catering Staff and the MIN 513 on recognised food safety qualifications.

The Ship's Cook Certificate (SCC) is required for all cooks who cook for crew and work onboard MCL compliant Yachts with 10 or more crew.

Yachts must have a qualified person (SCC) onboard at all times (unless exemption has been given from Flag).

1. Qualified Ship's Cooks holding a Ships' Cook Certificate of Competency issued or accepted under the Merchant Shipping (Certification of Ships' Cooks) Regulations 1981 will not be required to undertake any further training for a Ship's Cook certificate.

2. Cooks who have at least a UK Level 2 shore-based catering qualification e.g. City & Guilds or similar will have to complete and pass an Assessment in Marine Cookery.

3. Cooks who have catering qualifications issued by either an EU Member State or another Administration that has ratified the MLC - the MCA will recognise Ship's Cook Certificates of Competency issued after the Administration ratified the MLC. They should be advised to contact the Maritime Administration in the country where their catering qualifications were issued to apply for that country's Ship's Cook Certificate of Competency.

4. Cooks with qualifications issued by an Administration that is neither an EU Member State nor a signatory to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 can apply for a UK Ship's Cook Certificate of Competency on the successful completion of a UK Assessment in Marine Cookery.

5. Cooks without any formal qualification (i.e. self-taught) who have at least 12 months experience in a catering establishment or business must have evidence of their work experience such as a letter from their employer. They will need to complete and pass the Assessment in Marine Cookery.

All Ship's Cooks are also required to complete STCW Basic Training, the Certificate in Security Awareness, have at least 1 month of sea service (PYA SRB is accepted) and hold a valid medical fitness certificate.

Where can I take the Ship's Cook Certificate?

All crew who are involved with processing food in the galley, including those who assist in food preparation (this might include interior crew), are required to be qualified with food hygiene and food safety (as per Annex 1 in MGN 1846). For the Food Hygiene and Food Safety qualifications (Annex 1) please refer to MIN 513 for recognized courses. Please ensure the correct relevant qualification number is on the certificate issued.

Online food safety certificates are NOT accepted. You will need to take a formal assessment under exam condition within an approved training center. The list of accepted qualifications can be found in the MIN 531.